I am incredibly humbled that I am having to ask for donations to help us with financing our adoption. I’m very good at helping others fundraise, but when it comes to asking for me, I struggle. However, we now need a little help. We want to bring 2 children out of the nightmare they are currently living in, but we have to come up with a considerable amount of money to help make that happen. The cost to foundation that is working on making this happen over there is $8000, and then there will be travel costs for 2 children, and extra time spent in country when we go pick them up. We need to raise $10,000, and we are humbly asking for help. I know times are very hard for everyone right now, but we are praying you will find it in your hearts to help. Every dollar helps us bring these children home to live the kind of life we were all born into. If you can help, the chip in button on the right is how you can donate. Click the donate button, and it will take you to our paypal account. You do need a paypal account to donate this way. I also plan to set up a separate bank account to accept donations and will post the information here when I have the information. It should be the end of this week. Thank you to everyone that opens their hearts and helps us bring our children home. You are truly blessings to us.

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