Saving Emma

Our sweet girl continues to wait in her crib to be ransomed. It has now been 18 months since we asked to add her to Cara’s adoption and were turned down because of our age. According to Emma’s government, “People over the age of 50 are incapable of playing with children.” However, they approved these over 50 parents to adopt a 5 year old just two months before.

If you remember, Emma was just 26 months old at the time and stuck in a crib with no one to hold her, love her, care for her, other than feed and change her diaper on occasion. She has been classified as a vegetable, who cannot feel touch, pain, or emotion. Our agency here in the states sent someone to visit her, and they found her strapped in a stroller, behind a door, facing a blank wall. The caregivers had a hard time finding her and no one knew how long she’d been left there. Her government feels she is better off in an adult mental institution than with parents who love her and will get her the treatment and therapy she needs to become whatever God plans for her.

Emma has had two families come forward and ask to be referred to adopt her. Both families refused the referral and walked away. One family before we requested her referral, and the second family last May. They met her and walked away. I cannot fault them for that. They have to feel comfortable with the disabilities of the child in order to bring her home. But, Emma has now had two families walk away.

Our in-country foundation took on the battle of taking this case to court. Originally their lower court said this was not a case that could be heard. The Supreme Court disagreed and said they had to hear it. A win for Emma! Back in admin court, we won again! They ruled we could not be denied due to age. Another win for Emma! The government appealed.  The next hearing will be held on November 19th. Just 13 more days to find out if Emma will be given a chance at life beyond her crib. She is now 3 ½ years old. She has spent another 18 months in her crib waiting. Waiting for the love of a mother and father. Waiting for someone to snuggle her close, read her a story, whisper “I love you” in her ear. Waiting for all the things most children have without having to wait.

Emma is not the only one waiting. My arms ache to hold her, to snuggle her close to my neck. To read her those stories, and whisper in her ear how much she is wanted, how much she is loved, and how precious she is. How she was made in His image, and is loved more than she will ever know.

It’s been suggested more than once that we give up the fight and move on. Move on and find a healthier child to bring home, move on and forget this child that has a hold on my heart, and has touched me in ways I cannot describe. It is impossible to move on. It is impossible to forget. It is hard to remember that this happens in His time, not mine. But I will be forever faithful in believing this child is my daughter, and we will not stop fighting to bring her home.

We are asking for prayers for the favor of the court, and the government head that will make the final decision once the court finds in our favor. We will take this back to the Supreme Court if necessary.

We also ask for prayers for financial help. The attorney fees have eaten up our savings, the funds we had saved pay the final fees for Emma’s adoption. We ask for blessings on our attempts at raising the money needed to bring this little one home.

We have started a fund at If you feel inclined to help us bring this child home, every dollar helps. This is a non profit site, and you can ask for a tax receipt for any donation you make.  We are truly grateful for any help offered!