Final documentation to USCIS

Today I am sitting here, laptop in my lap, trying to patiently wait for the amendment to our home study to arrive by email. Once that arrives I will rush to the post office to overnight the paperwork to our USCIS officer, and pray it is everything they need to finally issue an approval. If we receive approval by the end of the week, we can send that to Boise for Apostille, and it is very likely our dossier will be in Bulgaria the following week.

I finally feel like this is truly going to happen, and we will be blessed with child #7, and possibly #8. We have been approved to adopt 1-3 children between the ages of 3 to 10, and we’ve got one little girl chosen, but will wait for the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to refer us one or two other children. I’m a little nervous about them choosing a child for us, but in reality the child(ren) chosen are God’s choice. He knows who will fit into our family, and He knows what is best for us and the children. It’s exciting in the same way as a pregnancy, and not knowing if you will have a boy or girl, and what they will be like. One thing I do know is that we will love and cherish them all!

Save the Adoption Tax Credit!

Prayers needed!

Please pray for little Beth. She has developed an infection in her spine and it can travel quickly to her brain, killing her. Please pray for God’s mercy on this child so that she can quickly find a family and go home where she will be properly cared for with love and medical attention.

Intervention for Beth!


Psalm 82:3-4

“Vindicate the weak and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and destitute.  Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.”

This post is reprinted with permission from the blog of mom to 16:

Desperately seeking
a family for Beth.
Are you her Mommy?
Meet Beth. Beth is 20 months old and is languishing in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. Her belly looks like it is sticking up in this picture is because they have a “donut” shaped medical dressing over the hole in her spine. Beth has Spina Bifida. Beth is in a country where she hasn’t and will not receive the necessary medical care for her open spine. In the meantime, she is on borrowed time.

Beth is tired of laying in her crib. She has to lay on her side because she can’t roll over because of the donut shaped dressing on her back that prevents her from spending time anywhere but on her side. Beth can’t sit up because she has been laying in this crib since birth and has not developed muscle strength. Beth is fed and her diaper is changed but then she is left alone without the attention she needs to develop properly. This may have been the very thing that’s saved her life.The lack of attention, affection, and “touch” may have kept the bacteria and germs away and kept her alive longer than she should have. She is here on borrowed time.

Beth has hydrocephalus like many (most) children with Spina Bifida. Beth recently had surgery to place her VP shunt. That’s a tube that goes into her brain. It goes into the ventricle to drain the extra fluid from her brain preventing brain damage. In our country VP shunts are placed in newborn babies diagnosed with hydrocephalus. They don’t wait until the children are older. It is possible that because Beth has been leaking spinal fluid from her back her brain hasn’t been as affected from the fluid that has been pooling in her brain.
The country where she’s living is willing to pay for the surgery for the VP shunt- but is NOT willing to pay for the $800 shunt. So, Beth waited, and waited and waited. Her head ached, and her spine leaked, from a huge open hole in her back. And she continues to wait for the life saving surgery to close the hole in her back.
Are you possibly Beth’s Mommy?
Are you pro life?
Who’s for Beth’s Life?
I am.
Now you know.
What can you do to help Beth?
And the countless others like her?
Update: We are hoping to raise funds to get Beth a medical visa to the USA to receive the surgery she needs to close the hole in her back. Not everyone is equipped to handle a special needs child, but EVERYONE can help a special needs child. One dollar, Five dollars, Ten dollars, One hundred dollars. Every single dollar helps this little girl. Will YOU help put a smile on this child’s face? Will YOU help this little girl get the surgery she needs and help her find her forever family? Please contact me if you will!

Are we doing enough?

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.   James 1:27

Easter Sunday is three days away. Which means today is the day, so many years ago, that Jesus was crucified and died on the cross, shedding his blood to wipe away the sins of the earth. His blood redeemed us, all of us who follow Him, so that we could be adopted by the Father into his heavenly family.

Adoption is addressed many times in the bible. God adopts us into his family when we chose to believe and follow his son Jesus Christ, and He encourages us throughout the new testament to care for widows and orphans.

Adopting a child from the US or internationally, is not an easy thing to do. Most of us don’t have the financial means to bring these orphans into our homes and raise them as our own. Many people have a heart for orphans, but don’t feel capable of raising them. Not all of us are called to bring children into our homes, but we are all called to help in some way. If you can’t adopt, please be willing to help someone who wants to bring one or more of these precious children home. Donate your time, your money, your resources to get these children out of the institutions they’re barely existing in, and help them come home to loving families. We are all God’s children. Every child deserves a loving family to come from school to every day, to spend holidays with, and find comfort with.

I am not asking for anything personally. But there are a few things I am asking for. First and foremost, sign the petition that will continue the adoption credit for families. This is critical! Families claim up to $13,000 of their adoption expenses from their taxes and get a refund. This helps so much! You can sign this petition here:

Post the link to your facebook page and ask your friends to sign too! This costs them nothing, but helps every single adoptive family!

If you are not called to adopt, please help someone else!  Adoption expenses are overwhelming. Fees can run from $25K to $45K and higher. Many people can afford to raise a child once they get them home, but coming up with that kind of money to adopt a child is almost impossible for most. Without fundraising, direct donations, and grants, many children would continue living in horrible conditions in institutions. Please consider helping these kids come home to a real family. Every child deserves the love of a forever family! There are many ways to give. If you know someone who is adopting, offer to help! If you don’t, please go to and donate to their angel tree or find a child they have listed and become their guardian angel. If you would like to help support the children in one of the worst institutions in eastern Europe, please go to this link, and read about what you can do for those kids! Give what you can, give until it hurts!  Every single dollar helps these children come home to the family that wants to love them and give them the life they deserve. Just do it!

Praying for fast results!

FBI background check forms and fingerprints are winging their way to West Virginia! I emailed both our senator and congressman, and will follow up with a phone call tomorrow. I realize this is all in God’s hands, and it is also his time frame, however, I continue to pray for speedy results and getting our children home in September instead of December. If anyone is out there reading this, if you would pray with us, I would appreciate it. 

Crazy week and it’s only Wednesday…

Monday morning we got up very early to take care of 2 local appointments and then hurry to Spokane, WA to get my son’s biometric appointment taken care of. We arrived at noon, and the rude employee who had taken my husband’s and my fingerprints the prior Wednesday wasn’t there! In his place was the nicest man, very helpful, and didn’t even question that my son’s appointment wasn’t until April 16th. HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF! We were in and out in 15 minutes and on our way home to take care of the rest of the errands we save for my husband’s day off, grocery shopping, filling cars with gas, and laundry. Thankfully, we had leftovers available for dinner.

Tuesday morning was much like Monday. Up at 5:45 AM to rush Alexandra to Spokane for her fingerprints (same wonderful, nice man!) and home to get her to school. Ron and I had to get money orders for the police department for our fingerprints for the FBI background check, and to send with the form to the FBI, fill out the forms, and wait at the police department for our turn. This took close to 2 hours. Then it was off to the tire place to get Alexandra’s snow tires removed and discover she needed two new tires to keep her safe on the road. Money well spent, just poor timing. 

Today I have to take the FBI paperwork to Fedex and get it overnighted to West Virginia. I have my adopted granddaughter spending the day with me, and unfortunately we woke up to snow this morning, so no time to be outside playing. Dinner is in the crock pot though, and that helps. Gotta love the crock pot when you think of it early enough. 

Tomorrow I call our senator and congressman to ask for help in processing the FBI background check quickly. There are two little girls waiting in Bulgaria for us, and I hope they don’t have to wait an extra two months before they can come home. 


More snags

I will tell you up front, if you don’t have the patience and a full, thick head of hair, adoption may not be for you. Support the orphans through the various orphan care ministries, because patience is VERY necessary to get through the months of paperwork, delays, snags, and outside forces that are trying to keep you from bringing your child(ren) home.

Due to a terrible misunderstanding, I just found out a week ago that the country we are adopting from requires a separate FBI background check, irregardless of how many you’ve already had, and the fact that the biometric fingerprinting done for USCIS approval is just exactly that, an FBI background check. I heard we had to have one, incorrectly assumed it was the biometric appointment and clearance, only to discover this late in the game it is totally separate, and takes 8-9 weeks to get completed. This is where you need the thick, full head of hair. Mine is substantially thinner after this week.

Heavenly father, I pray for your intervention in speeding up the FBI background check. I pray you will put our file in the hands of the right person that will read my plea and direct them to process this background check in a timely manner. One to two weeks instead of the normal 8. I pray for this in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

I will let you know if my prayers are answered, and if anyone is following my blog, I would appreciate your prayers along with mine.