Painful news

I haven’t posted in awhile, mainly because we had painful news, and we were in the middle of more paperwork. The painful news was we were not the family chosen to adopt the two little sisters we’d applied for. Another family submitted their paperwork at the same time we did, and they were chosen. It took awhile to process that and grieve. Those little girls had been part of our family for two months as we waited for the ministry change over the holidays and pictures of them all over the house. I’d already lost my heart to them, but God’s plan was for them to join someone else’s family. And for that we are very grateful! We were overjoyed that they had gotten a family, just a little disappointed it wasn’t ours. Ok… more than a little disappointed! 🙁

However, since the time of my last post, the home study has been completed, notarized and submitted to our placement agency! And what a waste of time it was worrying about “the visit!” So far, that has been the easiest part of the home study! Our social worker came in, talked with us all together, then individually, toured the house and was on her way. She was friendly, pleasant, and I believe under different circumstances, we would become good friends.

We should have the final documents sent for Apostille tomorrow, and hopefully, our USCIS file  will also go out tomorrow. And then the waiting continues. I have many things to do to prepare the house for younger residents, and hope that will keep my busy!

We are very drawn to another little girl who was listed through our agency, and are in the paperwork process of asking her to be held for us. I am keeping a tight lock on my heart at this point, and just allowing God to do his work. If this is our child, we will rejoice. If not, we will continue to pray for God to bring forth the child or children he has chosen for us.