Day 6

Day 6, Tuesday February 11

Cara did not want to get out of bed this morning. I could tell she wasn’t feeling well, and she felt warm. Without a thermometer, it was difficult to determine if she had much of a fever, but I suspected she did. We went down to the restaurant for breakfast and I proceeded to fill her plate with the usual fare, as well as getting her yogurt and fruit. She pushed everything away, wanting only to hold the yogurt. Vergie, the hostess that helped to explain to Cara that we were eating in the restaurant, and then returning to the room, came to speak to her to see if she was feeling ok. Cara started to cry and told her she felt sick. She did not have pain, but just felt sick. Ron and I gulped down our breakfast and while he took her back upstairs to the room, I asked the front desk for a thermometer. They sent one to the room immediately. Of course it was in centigrade, and of course I had my computer to do the conversion!

When I got back to the room, Cara and Ron were lying in bed. She was half asleep, and miserable. I took her temperature, which was 101. I don’t know what possessed me to bring children’s Advil with us, but I was sure grateful I did. I gave her a dose, and she slept for 4 hours. She woke up very warm, so I put her in the tub to help bring the fever back down until I could give her another dose of Advil 2 hours later. The poor thing was so HOT and listless. Normally, a fever like this wouldn’t worry me, but when you are in a foreign country whose medical care is circa 1980’s, it is a little worrisome. She lied in bed with me, until it was time for the next dose, rocking herself side to side, and sucking her thumb. Again when I tried to comfort her she would push me away. I will patiently wait for the day when she will allow me to comfort her, instead of engaging in the self-soothing behaviors of a neglected child. L

She started feeling better about an hour after her second dose of Advil. She asked for a banana and a yogurt. She ate both and perked up a bit. We ordered room service for dinner, and she was not at all happy with the chicken soup I ordered for her. I also had chicken soup for dinner and it was very good! She let me dip her bread into the broth and ate that, but would allow no soup to enter her mouth by spoon. She is incredibly stubborn. Did I mention that already? J

After dinner we turned the lights off and told her it was bedtime. She lied down next to me and started rocking again. I let her rock, talking softly to her, telling her how much I loved her and would always keep her safe. I know she doesn’t understand now, but someday she will. She has no idea what an incredible blessing she is to me.