Baby Irina


Sweet little Irina is two years old and waiting for her mommy to come for her. She had a family that was in the process of adopting her, but they had a family tragedy and had to back out. So she sits and waits once again. And I literally mean sits…. and if she’s not sitting, she’s lying on her back in her crib. Irina is in an orphanage where the number of children far out number the number of care givers. One care giver has explained that they “think” Irina has some special needs, and they are too busy to care for those children, instead focusing on the healthy children. Irina often has a runny nose, and they can’t be bothered with her. So she spent her first 20 months on her back, with no one to love her, no one to hold her, seeing someone only when it was time to stand over her crib and shove a bottle in her mouth or change her diaper. No one knows what gifts this little girl has to offer the world, and no one will take the time to find out.

Are you Irina’s mommy! Please contact Nina ( at Children’s House International for more information about this beautiful little girl! If you’re not her mommy, please pray her parents find her soon!